Thursday, October 11, 2012

Since I was a little child, I have been fascinated by beautiful things. One of my first childhood memories, is finding a little
silver ring in the pocket of my tiny dress when I was 2 years old. After that I always looked for and wished for more rings...
One day my father came home from work with some large, beautiful amethyst crystals he had found on inspection in a tunnel construction. I was mesmerized by the incredible beauty and mystery of the clear, deep, violet crystals. I could hardly believe they were real, found among the grey, rough rocks in the mountain... they seemed out of this world to me.
Since then I have been forever fascinated by natural gemstones.
Later I received the most beautiful present from my sweet grandmothers sister Karen:
A smooth, polished garnet heart, on a beautiful chain of twisted gold. It was the most beautiful jewelry I had ever seen. The deep red garnet heart had such a magical beauty, with a mysterious, lighter glow from within. I almost never dared to wear it, and I have kept it to this day.

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